Soundwaves and Sacred Geometry: Exploring Vibrating Patterns of Creation in Printmaking

by Bridget Modema

Flower of Life art print on a marble wall


Artwork that captures the beauty of geometric patterns and electronic signals has become increasingly popular in the contemporary art scene.

"Soundwaves and Sacred Geometry: Exploring Vibrating Patterns of Creation in Printmaking" is a remarkable series that explores the fascinating relationship between sound, sacred geometry, and art. What makes this art project truly unique is the way in which it utilizes the digital medium to create prints that combine colour theory and pointillism to convey the interplay between soundwaves and sacred geometry in a visually aesthetic and thought-provoking way.

The use of pointillism in digital art is a technique that involves the creation of images using small dots of color. By using this technique, creates a unique and intricate pattern of dots that blend together to form a larger image. Color theory, on the other hand, allows me to create harmonious color combinations that can evoke different moods and emotions. By combining these two techniques, I can create an artwork that not only looks interesting but also has a deeper meaning and significance.

These digital artworks were originally created in 2014, but have never been exhibited before as a collection, making them even more exclusive and unique. The prints are produced with the highest quality materials, including museum-grade archival ink and Fabriano paper, ensuring their longevity. The prints will be available starting in March 2023, with only 11 editions available for each print. This rarity and exclusivity make these prints highly valuable for art collectors and enthusiasts.

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sound wave art prints in a gallery with a spectator looking at the artwork


Archival Ink and Its Importance in Printmaking


Archival ink and paper are essential for creating long-lasting, high-quality prints. Archival ink resists fading and deterioration, while archival paper is specially designed to resist discoloration and damage. Fine art prints made on archival paper can last for decades or even centuries without significant deterioration, making them valuable investments for collectors. Archival paper is typically made from high-quality, acid-free materials that resist fading and yellowing, and may also have special coatings or treatments for added protection. By using archival materials, artists and printers can create prints that will remain vibrant and valuable for generations to come.


The Importance of Sound and Sacred Geometry in Art

Sound and sacred geometry have been an integral part of art and culture for centuries. Sacred geometry is a universal science that allows us to comprehend the fundamental patterns of creation. It is a language of shapes and symbols that can be found in nature, art, and architecture. Sound, on the other hand, is a powerful force that can affect our emotions and wellbeing. When sound and sacred geometry come together, they create a mesmerizing phenomenon that can be captured in art


Good Thought Dial, 2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000


The Fascinating Relationship between Sound, Geometry, and Emotion

The relationship between sound, geometry, and emotion is a fascinating one. Sound waves have their own unique patterns that are in tune with our personal frequency. When we listen to music, the vibrations of sound can affect our emotions, making us feel happy, sad, or energized. Sacred geometry, on the other hand, reveals the pure pattern that has resulted from thought forms. When we combine sound and sacred geometry, we create a powerful visual representation of the interplay between sound, geometry, and emotion.

Pointillism and Color Theory in Digital Art

Pointillism and color theory are important techniques in art that add depth, luminosity, and movement to a composition. Pointillism involves creating an image using small, distinct dots of color that blend together to form a vibrant and textured surface. This technique, which originated in the late 19th century by George Seurat who aimed to achieve a greater range of hues than traditional blending techniques, resulting in a unique visual effect.

Color theory explores the science of color and its interaction with other colors in a composition. Artists who understand the principles of color theory can create harmonious and visually appealing works of art. They use the color wheel to create various color schemes that can create contrast, balance, mood, and convey emotions in a piece.

Both pointillism and color theory can be applied to digital art, which has become a popular medium in recent years. Digital artists can create textured and vibrant digital paintings that evoke emotions and convey meaning by using brushes, filters, and color palettes. Mastery of these techniques can result in visually aesthetic and emotionally impactful digital art.


George Seurat & Pointellism

George Seurat on Pointillism


Interconnectedness of All Things

Flower Of Life, 2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000


The interconnectedness of all things is a concept that has been explored throughout history by various cultures and disciplines, including art, science, and spirituality. The Flower of Life artwork is one example of how this concept can be represented visually through complex geometric patterns. The artwork serves as a reminder that all life is connected and that everything in the universe is part of a larger whole.

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Abstract Black Dot, 2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000


In contrast, the Abstract Black and Red Dot artworks use minimalism to explore the significance of small elements and their impact on the whole. These artworks challenge us to appreciate the beauty and power of simplicity and to contemplate the meaning behind even the smallest things in life. 



Abstract Red Dot, 2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000




Overall, the Flower of Life and Abstract Black and Red Dot artworks showcase different ways in which the interconnectedness of all things can be explored visually. Whether through intricate geometric patterns or minimalistic designs, these artworks invite us to contemplate the mysteries of the universe and our place within it.



Sawtooth Wave, 2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000


Sawtooth Wave- The Sawtooth Wave is a common type of waveform used in music and sound design that resembles the shape of a sawtooth. The Sawtooth Wave is often used to create tension and excitement in music and sound effects, making it a valuable tool for composers and sound designers. There is a connection to wave forms and emotions. How emotions work is characterized by a gradual increase or decrease in emotion followed by sudden spikes in emotion, represented by the sharp peaks in the waveform. These sudden spikes are then followed by a slow decrease back to baseline. 

In terms of its symbolic meaning, the Sawtooth Wave can represent the idea of progress or growth, as the gradual increase in emotion followed by sudden spikes can symbolize the idea of breaking through barriers or reaching new heights. It can also symbolize the idea of cycles or patterns, as the waveform repeats itself over time.



Sawtooth Dial Wave, 2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000



Sawtooth Dial Wave- The Sawtooth Dial Wave combines the sawtooth pattern with the symbolism of a dial, creating an artwork that represents the cyclical nature of emotions and the ability to regulate and control them. The sawtooth pattern represents the ups and downs of emotions, while the dial symbolizes the power to adjust them. The circular shape of the dial symbolizes the continuous nature of emotions and their interconnectedness with the larger cycle of life.




Moving Wave, 2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000


Moving Wave- Moving Wave is a visually aesthetic artwork that captures the fluidity of motion through a wave-like pattern. The title suggests a dynamic or kinetic wave, which could represent various concepts such as the passage of time, the ebb and flow of life, or the power and beauty of nature. The intricate patterns and black and white hues used in the artwork create a sense of movement and dynamism, drawing the viewer into a world of black and white, sound, and vibration. Whether viewed as a standalone piece or as part of a larger collection, Moving Wave is a timeless and captivating artwork that is sure to inspire and delight viewers for years to come.




 Ripple Wave2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000


Ripple Wave- Ripple Wave is an artwork that aims to evoke a sense of tranquility and harmony through its calming visual representation of the gentle movements of water. The title itself suggests an artwork featuring a wave-like pattern with ripples. The pattern could symbolize various concepts, such as the effects of a small action that creates a bigger impact. The artwork invites the viewer to reflect on the beauty and simplicity of nature and the impact that small actions can have on our surroundings.





Spiral Wave, 2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000



Spiral Wave- The Spiral Wave features a wave-like pattern that takes the shape of a spiral. This design draws attention to the beauty of the spiral form, which is a common and recognizable shape found in nature. The spiral can symbolize concepts such as growth, evolution, and transformation, making it a powerful and meaningful image to explore in art. With Spiral Wave, the title suggests the spiral shape to evoke these concepts, creating a visual representation of the transformative power of sound and art.



Pulse Signal Dial Tone, 2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000


Pulse Signal Dial Tone- Pulse Signal Dial Tone is a title that evokes electronic signals related to communication or technology. It suggests a sense of rhythm and repetition, as "pulse" and "dial tone" both refer to rhythmic beats. In fact, the artwork could be seen as a digital representation of the rhythmic beat that underlies much of modern technology.


Square Signal Dial Tone, 2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000



Square Signal Dial Tone- The Square Signal Dial Tone artwork is a visual representation of digital signals that are often associated with electronic communication and technology. The use of square shapes and angular lines in the design creates a more geometric and ordered look, which is reflective of the precision and accuracy required in the transmission of digital signals. The term "dial tone" further reinforces the idea of electronic communication, as it is the sound that is heard when a phone line is active and ready for use. The combination of these elements suggests a strong connection between technology and communication, with an emphasis on structure and organization.


The Square Signal Dial Tone artwork offers a unique and visually striking interpretation of digital signals that highlights the importance of precision and order in the realm of communication and technology.







Good Thought Dial, 2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000



Good Thought Dial- This artwork explores the connections between sacred geometry, soundwaves, and spirituality. Turquoise is used to represent the sawtooth wave pattern, which is associated with natural and man-made sounds. The circle symbolizes sacred geometry and infinity, while the orange color conveys energy and creativity. The piece also introduces the concept of a "good thought dial," which encourages positive thinking and emotions. It serves as a reminder to focus on positive thoughts and energy, and to use them to shape our experiences.




No.1 Duality Vortex , 2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000



No.1 Duality Vortex- No.1 Duality Vortex is a work of art that aims to explore the relationship between opposing forces. The idea of duality is central to the piece, as it suggests that everything has two distinct and contrasting aspects. This concept is symbolized by the title, which is both descriptive and evocative.


The term "vortex" is particularly intriguing, as it suggests a powerful force that pulls everything towards it, creating a sense of movement and energy. 


The No.1 Duality Vortex is an artwork that invites the viewer to consider the idea of opposing forces and how they are interconnected. It is a complex and multi-layered piece that encourages reflection and contemplation, making it a compelling work of art.






No.7 Resonance, 2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000



No.7 Resonance- The artwork No.7 Resonance is an exploration of the power of vibration to create a sense of harmony. The concept of resonance refers to the phenomenon where two or more objects vibrate at the same frequency, causing them to resonate and produce a harmonious sound. In this artwork, the number "7" may represent completeness, perfection or spiritual enlightenment. It could also indicate the seven chakras in the body, which are believed to be centers of energy that play a vital role in balancing and harmonizing one's physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Overall, No.7 Resonance is a thought-provoking artwork that invites the viewer to contemplate the power of vibration and its potential to create harmony within oneself and the world around us.





No.7 Yellow  Resonance, 2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000



No.7 Yellow Resonance- No.7 Yellow Resonance is a captivating artwork that explores the relationship between vibration and harmony, using the vibrant color yellow to symbolize resonance. Yellow is a color associated with warmth, happiness, and joy, often used to represent the sun, light, and positive energy. The title of the artwork, No.7 Yellow Resonance, hints at the concept of resonance, where objects vibrate at the same frequency, resulting in a harmonious effect. The combination of yellow and the concept of resonance creates a meditative atmosphere that allows the viewer to experience the positive impact of resonance on their being, making it ideal for those seeking balance and inner peace in their lives.






No.7 Red Resonance, 2014-2023. Digital Art: Archival Ink on Fabriano, 50 x 50 cm (unframed), Ed. 11, R 5,000



No.7 Red Resonance- No.7 Red Resonance is an artwork that explores the concept of vibration and its potential to create harmony in our lives. It places emphasis on the color red and its significance in relation to resonance, representing the intensity and strength of the vibrations that are created. The project encourages the exploration of different ways in which we can use vibrations, through music, meditation, or sound therapy, to improve our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Overall, the artwork serves as a reminder of the importance of self-care and the transformative power of harmony and resonance.




Through their unique interpretation of various patterns and vibrations, each artwork in this collection reflects on the interconnectedness of all things, the power of waves and sound, positive thinking and the power of intention, and the harmony and chaos that exist in the universe.

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Soundwaves and Sacred Geometry: Exploring Vibrating Patterns of Creation in Printmaking is a collection of 15 unique artworks that capture the interplay between sound, geometry, and emotion. Each print has 11 editions only and is crafted using museum-quality archival ink to ensure longevity and vibrancy for generations to come. By purchasing one of these prints, you'll not only own a piece of art that captures the fascinating relationship between sound and sacred geometry. But also support the importance of emotional education.




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    Here are some books and articles that you can reference for further reading:


    • "The Geometry of Art and Life" by Matila Ghyka
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    • "Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice" by Robert Lawlor
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    • "The Music of the Spheres" by Jamie James
    • "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" by Drunvalo Melchizedek


    These resources delve into the topics of sacred geometry, sound frequencies, and the intersection of art and science, which may be of interest to those exploring the mesmerizing world of sound and sacred geometry.

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