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In the depths of my being, I have always felt a profound connection to the wisdom of ancient knowledge systems. From the tender age of thirteen, I found myself immersed in a meditative vision that revealed the name Modema—a name that would forever be etched in my consciousness. The allure of understanding and unraveling the mysteries of humanity's cultural and civilizational structures drew me irresistibly to channels like The History Channel, Discovery Channel, and The Crime Channel. Through these windows into the past, I developed a keen eye for perceiving the nuances of people's perceptions, honing my skills in observation and psychology.


At the age of sixteen, two powerful guides emerged from the depths of my imagination, embodying the essence of strength and wisdom. They imparted upon me a vast array of teachings, from advanced meditation and telepathy to the sacred knowledge of the North Americans, Vedics, Mayans, Japanese, and Celts. Through their guidance, I delved into the intricacies of ancient cultures, unlocking the hidden treasures of their traditions. Additionally, these mentors provided glimpses into the realms of detectives, offering insights into their world of perception and honing my skills in the martial arts, grounded in the vibrational language of the environment. I immersed myself in the study of the present moment, finding wisdom and beauty in the everyday experiences that shape our lives. They instilled within me the courage to confront my deepest fears, venture into uncharted territories, and recognize the infinite power of the mind in scripting the narrative of our existence.


And so, fellow seekers of truth and wisdom, we embark on a wondrous journey, the first series of which is titled "Ancient Knowledge Systems." This collection serves as a gateway to the realms of ancient and modern symbolism, drawing inspiration from the profound cultural legacies of Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Roman, Greek, Vedic, Native American, Pagan-Christian, and scientific traditions. Each artwork within this series is infused with a story, a lesson, and an intimate connection to symbols encountered in the tapestry of life.


Our voyage through the Ancient Knowledge Systems series unveils a captivating array of artworks:


  1. DNA Caduceus: This artwork delves into the profound symbolism of the DNA helix intertwined with the Caduceus, a powerful emblem of healing and transformation. It represents the interconnectedness of life, bridging the realms of science and spirituality.

  2. Ouroboros: Inspired by the ancient symbol of a serpent devouring its own tail, Ouroboros embodies the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. It invites us to contemplate the cyclical nature of existence and the infinite potential for personal transformation.

  3. Sumerian Tree of Life: Drawing from the rich mythology of ancient Sumer, this artwork explores the Tree of Life as a symbol of connection between the earthly and divine realms. It symbolizes fertility, growth, and the cosmic order that binds all creation.

  4. Protected Amulet: This artwork channels the ancient practice of wearing protective amulets as a shield against negative energies and forces. It represents the quest for safety, balance, and spiritual fortification on life's journey.

  5. Abraxas: Inspired by the enigmatic figure of Abraxas, this artwork delves into the mystical teachings of Gnosticism and ancient belief systems. Abraxas embodies the concept of divine balance and the union of opposites—light and darkness, creation and destruction, good and evil. This artwork encapsulates the complex symbolism of Abraxas, inviting us to explore the inherent duality within ourselves and the interconnectedness of all things. It serves as a potent reminder of the need to embrace and integrate both the light and shadow aspects of our being on the path to spiritual enlightenment.

  6. Tuning Forks: Exploring the power of sound and vibration, this artwork resonates with the concept of harmonizing our inner frequencies. It invites us to attune ourselves to the cosmic symphony, seeking balance, healing, and alignment.

  7. Eye of Horus: Rooted in Egyptian mythology, the Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection, intuition, and spiritual insight. This artwork invokes the all-seeing eye, encouraging us to trust our inner wisdom and perceive the hidden truths that lie beyond the mundane.

  8. Eye of the Horizon: Inspired by the cosmic symbolism of ancient cultures, this artwork depicts the eye as a gateway to other realms and dimensions. It represents the expansive vision that allows us to transcend limitations, embrace new perspectives, and explore the uncharted territories of existence.

  9. African Glass Mask: Drawing from the diverse cultural heritage of Africa, this artwork celebrates the power of masks as vehicles of spiritual connection and self-expression. It embodies the rich tapestry of African traditions, invoking the ancestral wisdom and transformative energies they carry.

  10. Return to Your Roots: This artwork serves as a poignant reminder to honor and reconnect with our ancestral heritage. It encourages us to delve into the depths of our roots, embracing the wisdom, traditions, and collective memory of our ancestors as a source of guidance and inspiration.

  11. Art As My Weapon: Feminine Divinity Mask: Through the fusion of recycled blown glass and reclaimed steel, I wield my art as a weapon, empowering the divine feminine and challenging societal norms.

Within the intricate details and symbolism of each piece lies a narrative woven from the threads of personal encounters and transformative experiences. The presence of a centipede, guiding the creation of Ouroboros, or the serpentine muse inspiring the genesis of DNA, each artwork holds a profound tale and a profound lesson, gifted to us through these sacred symbols.


Join me, dear fellow seekers, as we embark on this extraordinary odyssey through the Ancient Knowledge Systems series. Together, let us immerse ourselves in the depths of ancient wisdom, unlocking the timeless secrets encoded within the sacred symbols of our ancestors.


Modema <3

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