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We vibrate hues.

Hue is one of three colour components, the other two being value (how light or dark a colour is) and saturation (how bright or dull a colour is). It generally refers to the location of a colour on the colour wheel. The colours red, blue, green, yellow, and orange are all distinct.

We have a tendency to identify various hues with specific emotions. Red represents fury and love; green represents nature; orange represents warmth, and so forth. As a result, depending on the colours chosen, paintings may elicit a variety of feelings.

It is vital to recognise that colours are not emotive in and of themselves. A colour is just a colour. Our perception of a hue is based only on that: our perception (credit to Richard Schmid to shedding light on this for me in his book Alla Prima II).

I play with psychological triggers in my body-pressed paintings, but I would never let this affect my colour choices. I believe that just painting the colours I sense is more successful. To get my message through, I may push and emphasise particular colours.
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