Spray-paintings with mixed mediums such as charcoal, pencil, ink, crayons, and chalk creating imagery depending on your state of mind.




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Imaginary Earthly Nebula Spray-Paintings

Spray paint, chalk, ink, pencils, and crayons are used to create images in this series of mixed media paintings. 'Earthly Nebulas' are the first of a series of works begun in South Africa.

Form, colour, and tone are all ways that vibratory activity is expressed. Energy is a certain vibration. The ability of humans to see patterns enables for different views to be present at the same time. This mixed-media series explores how our mental states evolve. We cannot unsee a picture once it has been pointed out to us; nevertheless, we may produce new visions that overlay the prior vision. These prints are titled "Earthly Nebulas" because they remind me of the cosmos.

When something is brought to light, perception shifts. Looking at the nebula instantly challenges your imagination. Faces, creatures, shapes, and emotions begin to appear. When you look in quiet, you are only challenged by what you feel and see; when you engage with someone, the game changes and you start seeing additional items as the dialogue points out various visuals.

"Imagination is the essence of manifestation beyond anything else." Our imagination can also help bring things into our awareness, and this series of mixed-media paintings aims to explore how different mental states can lead to new insights and perspectives. Through these works, I hope to inspire viewers to engage with their own imaginations and explore the infinite possibilities of perception.

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