Environmental Sound Molecule "Neuro-Noise" Sculptures




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Platonic Void Forms to Neuro-Noise sculptures inspired by environmental recordings and cymatics


Welcome to the realm of Neuro-Noise Sculptures, where sound and shape intertwine to create a symphony of visual wonders. This collection holds a special place in my artistic journey as it explores the profound connection between sound waves and the intricate forms that emerge from them. Inspired by the scientific concept of cymatics, these sculptures bridge the gap between the intangible world of sound and the tangible realm of art.

Cymatics is a fascinating field of study that examines how sound waves can manifest as visible patterns in various materials. Building upon my previous series, "Void Forms: Platonic Solids," I took the timeless beauty of the platonic solids and arranged them into captivating cymatic patterns. Through the use of a unique recording device, I captured natural sounds and translated them into mesmerizing visual patterns. These patterns serve as the foundation for the creation of these sculptures, blending the delicate artistry of blown glass with the strength of steel mesh.

What truly captivates me about this collection is the blurred boundary between sound and shape. It is awe-inspiring to witness how something as intangible as sound can generate such tangible, intricate patterns within the world around us. Sound molecules, the tiny particles that compose sound, play a pivotal role in this exploration. By harnessing the power of cymatics, I strive to illuminate the interconnectedness of all things and offer a deeper comprehension of the natural world.

So, what exactly is sound? When a pencil taps against a desk, you perceive it as a noise. That is sound in action! Sound is composed of minuscule particles called sound molecules, which vibrate through the air and into our ears. These vibrations possess the ability to shape patterns in different materials, such as sand or water. In "Neuro-Noise Sculptures," I harness the essence of sound to form intricate patterns that materialize as sculptures. By meticulously arranging the platonic solids into cymatic patterns and employing glass and steel mesh, these sculptures embody the remarkable patterns that sound can induce in the world that surrounds us.

The Neuro-Noise Sculptures collection stands as a testament to the extraordinary harmony between sound and form. It invites viewers to delve into the captivating realm of cymatics, where the unseen becomes visible and the ephemeral is solidified. May these sculptures serve as a catalyst for contemplation, inspiring a profound appreciation for the enchanting patterns that arise from the symphony of sound. Embrace the wonder and allow your senses to be attuned to the rhythm of the natural world.

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