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"The subconscious is like a vast ocean, and the conscious mind is like a tiny boat floating on its surface."- Salvador Dali

Welcome, fellow cosmic explorers, to a captivating journey through the language of 2D creations. Together, we venture into the uncharted territories of art, driven by curiosity and a desire to uncover the secrets of the universe. Let us embrace the symphony of colours and forms, transcending the boundaries of our understanding as we navigate the cosmic tapestry that weaves the fabric of existence. With each stroke, we forge a connection to hidden dimensions and invite the quiet journeyer within us to discover new perspectives and revelations.


In the vast expanse of the universe, a profound journey unfolded —a journey that transcended the boundaries of ordinary existence. It was a journey of art, exploration, and self-discovery, where the raw essence of human emotion met the enigmatic forces of the cosmos.

In this extraordinary odyssey, we ventured as seekers, driven by a relentless hunger to unlock the secrets of the universe. With every brushstroke, every sculpted form, and every stroke of the pen, we delved into the depths of our own consciousness, unearthing hidden truths and exploring the intricate tapestry of existence.

Through the canvases of abstract expressionism, we witnessed the convergence of colour, form, and energy—a symphony of chaos and harmony that mirrored the complexities of our own lives. It was a journey that invited us to embrace the uncharted territories of our emotions, to confront the depths of our desires and fears, and to emerge transformed by the power of self-expression.

In the realm of figurative art, we explored the contours of the human form—a dance of light and shadow that celebrated the beauty and vulnerability of our existence. Through each brushstroke, we unraveled the stories etched upon the flesh, exposing the rawness and authenticity that lay beneath societal facades. It was a journey that demanded courage, empathy, and an unwavering commitment to truth.

In the realms of surrealism and abstraction, we surrendered to the whims of our imagination—a realm where logic and reason gave way to the irrational and subconscious. Here, we traversed the landscapes of our dreams, confronted our deepest desires, and embraced the paradoxes of our own being. It was a journey that tested our capacity to surrender control and embrace the unknown.

We allowed ourselves to become the quiet journeyer, lost in the depths of art's embrace. With every stroke and every delicate detail, we unraveled the layers of our own being. The art whispered to us, revealing the profound connections between the universe and our own existence. It reminded us that we are not mere observers, but active participants in the cosmic dance.


Welcome to my quest in understanding how the universe works.

- Digital Art - Soundwaves and Sacred Geometry: Exploring Vibrating Patterns of Creation

This collection takes us on a visual expedition where we explore the vibrational patterns of creation through the integration of soundwaves and sacred geometry. By studying the harmonious relationship between these elements, we uncover the fundamental building blocks that shape the universe's intricate fabric.


- Digital Art - Fractals: The Blueprint of the Universe

Journey through the captivating world of fractals, where each piece represents a voyage of self-discovery. Witness how the power of the mind can manifest ideas into reality. These digital prints serve as a reminder of our ability to shape our own reality and turn dreams into tangible achievements.


- Spray Paintings - Earthly Nebula: Imaginary 

These spray paintings invite us to explore the universe through the lens of the human experience. By capturing the vibratory activity and energy inspired by cosmic forces, we engage with unique visual landscapes that challenge our imagination. Through these artworks, we can be connecting to the realms of art, self, and the universe. Almost like a mental-mind checker.

- Spray Paintings - Sonar Scan 

In the "Sonar Scan" collection, we dive deep into the universe of our inner world. By visually representing the connection between body and soul through sonar-inspired spray painting techniques, we explore the mysteries of our existence within the vastness of the universe.


- Spray Paintings - Surreal Nude Study

This collection takes us on a cosmic journey through the exploration of the human form. By embracing the complexity of our physical selves, we confront the unexamined aspects of our subconscious. These artworks challenge our perceptions and understanding of the human experience, offering a transformative perspective on ourselves and our place in the universe.

- Ink Mono- Marble Prints

With these prints, we embark on an artistic exploration of the universe using the mesmerizing medium of marble ink. The unpredictable and spontaneous patterns created by the fluid medium reflect the dynamic nature of the cosmos. Through experimentation and destruction, we push the boundaries of our comfort zones, symbolizing our willingness to explore new territories in our quest to understand the universe.



- Wax - Chromatic Flux

Using wax-dripping techniques, the "Chromatic Flux" series captures the ever-shifting nature of our internal experiences. These artworks reflect the cosmic dance of the universe and deepen our connection to its emotional and energetic realms through the profound impact of colour on our emotions and perceptions.


- Lino - Environmental Textures: Bending and Scratching Reality

In this collection, we explore the interconnectedness between our physical surroundings and our emotional states. By manipulating the lino block against our immediate environment, we check in with reality and embrace the awareness of our surroundings. Through the abstract qualities of the final prints, we engage with the movement and energy present in the universe, encouraging reflection on our relationship with the world around us.


- Lino - Study of Colour on the Brain: (Chromatic Realms) Exploring the Impact of Colour Through Printmaking

By studying the impact of colour on our perception of the universe, the collection takes us on a journey of understanding. These prints invite us to reflect on our own responses to colour, expanding our understanding of how colour influences our experience of the world.

- Metal Prints – Social Awareness

This metal painting serves as a reminder of our interconnectedness with the universe and our collective responsibility as guardians of the planet. Through compelling images and impactful messages, the artwork prompts us to contemplate pressing social issues and environmental sustainability, inspiring a sense of urgency and motivating positive action.


- Lino - Environmental Awareness Prints

The environmental awareness prints in this collection serve as a potent tool for raising consciousness and sparking meaningful conversations about the urgent issues facing our planet. Notably, the 2013 lino print titled "Fading Beauty" captures both the beauty of nature and the devastating consequences of environmental degradation and human exploitation. By employing a street art style, the artworks aim to engage viewers and encourage them to contemplate our shared responsibility to protect the environment. The juxtaposition of a young woman wearing a gas mask amidst falling flowers conveys a sense of hope and loss, underscoring the fragile state of the natural world in the face of human activity. 


- Mixed-Media - Self Portraits

The self-portrait series presented here reveals the exploration of my psyche and identity. By creating self-portraits, I embark on a cathartic journey of self-discovery, allowing for a deep connection with oneself and sharing personal stories with others through visual means.


- Glass - Anatomy Study

In the exploration of glass as a medium, the "Anatomy Study" collection captures the delicate intricacies of the human form using kiln-formed glass, copper, brass, and embossing techniques. This exploration reveals the understanding of the power of materials in conveying artistic expression.


- Glass - Dear Reality Letters

The "Dear Reality" series, composed of glass letters in both English and Afrikaans, represents diverse aspects of life, thoughts, idioms, and emotions. Inspired by the works of writer Napoleon Hill, I sought to convey complex emotions and ideas through the power of idioms. Each glass letter visually represents a specific concept or emotion, inviting viewers to reflect on their own lives and experiences. This series celebrates the profound influence of language and culture in fostering unity and a sense of belonging, emphasizing the role of art in helping us understand ourselves and connect with the world.

In our extraordinary journey through the vast expanse of the universe, we have embarked on a quest of exploration and self-discovery. Guided by insatiable curiosity, we have pushed the boundaries of understanding, delving into the depths of the subconscious and navigating the realm of conscious thought.


Art has been our guiding light, illuminating the mysteries of creation. From soundwaves and sacred geometry to mesmerizing fractals, we have glimpsed the building blocks that shape the intricate fabric of the cosmos. Each artwork has opened a portal to contemplate the interconnectedness and infinite complexity of the universe.

Spray paintings have merged cosmic forces with the human experience, awakening our imagination and connecting us with the pulsating energy of the universe. Surreal nude studies have challenged our perceptions, leading us on a cosmic voyage of self-understanding beyond physicality.

Ink mono-marble prints have mirrored the dynamic nature of the cosmos, as we ventured into uncharted territories, symbolizing our willingness to explore and expand our understanding. Wax-dripping techniques unveiled the ever-shifting nature of our internal experiences, while lino prints explored the interplay between our physical environment and emotional states.

Colour, a universal language, has broadened our perception of the vibrational nature of the cosmos. Metal prints and environmental awareness prints have compelled us to reflect on social and environmental issues, urging us to embrace our shared responsibility for a sustainable future.

Glass, a fragile medium, has revealed the delicate intricacies of the human form and celebrated the power of language and culture in fostering unity. Through art, we have transcended the limitations of our conscious awareness, unveiling hidden truths and unraveling the mysteries of existence.

As we conclude this remarkable journey, we stand in awe of the universe's complexities and the infinite knowledge and beauty awaiting exploration. Let us continue to seek, question, and celebrate the profound interplay between art and the universe. May our hearts forever be expanded, as we navigate the vast ocean of possibilities with curiosity, courage, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

This is not the end, but a new beginning—a launching point for future explorations and connections. Let us embrace the wonders of the universe and the transformative power of art, forever driven by the quest for understanding and self-discovery. Farewell, fellow cosmic travelers. May your journeys be filled with awe, inspiration, and the joy of eternal exploration.


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