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Sonar Scans

With the "Snoar Scans" collection, I wanted to explore the idea of how our inner world can manifest in the physical realm. The sonar scans are a representation of the connection between the body and the soul, as well as the journey that the soul takes to fully integrate with the physical form.

The story of the boy who was born dead but recovered back to life was the inspiration behind this series. It made me think about how we all come into this world with a unique energy and purpose, and how that energy can be reflected in the way our bodies are formed and function.

The spray-painting technique I used was meant to mimic the sound waves of sonar scans, creating an abstract and otherworldly effect. Each piece is a snapshot of the journey that the soul takes, as it navigates through the physical body and connects with the world around it.

Through this collection, I hope to spark a conversation about the relationship between the physical and spiritual realms, and how our inner worlds can shape the world around us. Ultimately, I believe that we all have a unique energy and purpose, and that it is our journey to fully integrate and express that energy in the physical realm.

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