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Sound is the Essence of Life 

"If you want to understand the universe, think in terms of frequencies and vibrations"  -Nicola Tesla

As I continued my artistic journey, I found myself immersed in the collection titled "Sound is the Essence of Life." This series marked a significant milestone in my artistic exploration, as it was my first foray into working with tuning forks, which became a defining element of my metalworking style.


The collection was not created all at once or in a short period of time. Instead, it evolved gradually over a span of years, reflecting my long-term vision and evolving artistic sensibilities. Each artwork in the collection was a unique exploration of sound in its various forms and dimensions, delving into frequencies, vibrations, and their impact on our thoughts, feelings, and memories.


I saw sound not only as a healing force but also as a fundamental aspect of our existence, resonating through our cells, emotions, and even in the resonance of metals and the play of light prisms. This perspective sparked a curiosity and a desire to explore the intricate relationship between sound, light, and our sensory experiences.


During my residency at Obsidian Glass Studio in 2016, I created the sculpture "Sound is the Essence of Life," which served as the inspiration for the entire collection. It was through working with tuning forks and exploring their transformative potential that I began to understand the power of materials in three dimensions and the ability to shape them into meaningful artworks.


In 2017, while apprenticing under Guy du Toit, I stumbled upon a breakthrough—the discovery of bronze as a material that added an extra spark to my practice. Bronze tuning forks became a pivotal element, representing a significant step forward in my artistic voice and expression. It felt like finding the missing puzzle piece that brought a new level of depth and richness to my work.


The subsequent series I embarked upon delved into ancient knowledge systems, as I sought answers to the profound questions surrounding the purpose and meaning of my journey here on Earth. These artworks were an exploration of the interconnectedness of human existence, drawing inspiration from ancient wisdom and symbolism.


Through the "Sound is the Essence of Life" collection and the subsequent series based on ancient knowledge, I aimed to capture the elusive essence of our existence and explore the profound connections between sound, light, materials, and our inner selves. Each artwork was a testament to the ongoing evolution of my artistic voice and the continuous search for deeper understanding and self-expression.


As I move forward in my artistic practice, I carry with me the lessons learned from these transformative experiences, embracing the ever-unfolding nature of my creative journey and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

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