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Soundwaves and Sacred Geometry: Exploring Vibrating Patterns of Creation

Delve into the mysterious world of sound and sacred geometry, where vibrating patterns of creation come to life. Waves of both sound and light have a pattern that interacts with the environment, causing reflection, refraction, and interference. Imagine seeing sound as a visual representation of vibrating patterns that match your personal frequency. This mesmerizing phenomenon can be interpreted using sacred geometry, a universal science that allows us to comprehend the fundamental patterns of creation. At the pinnacle of sacred geometry lies thought forms, which reveal the pure pattern that has resulted from it.

The digital version of these artworks was created during 2014, when the artist first started exploring frequencies and vibrations. This series has never been displayed as a collection before, making each of the 11 editions all the more unique. The digital artworks will be printed onto Fabriano paper using museum-quality archival ink, ensuring that the prints stand the test of time. From March 2023, the first prints will be available, providing you with an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of art that is as unique as it is thought-provoking.

When you purchase one of these limited edition prints, you'll receive an invitation to have a half-an-hour Zoom call. During this conversation, you'll learn more about the artist's statement and creative process. This promotion is part of my re-introduction of self campaign since a long journey of healing.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of art that's both insightful and educational. Order now and experience the wonder of sound and sacred geometry for yourself!

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