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When I was invited to participate in the "Resistance is Us" exhibition at the ABSA North Tower Gallery in 2017, I was inspired to create a series of mixed media paintings on steel sheets. My initial work for the exhibition was a rusted plate on metal with an environmental message to return back to our roots.

The experience of creating that piece and being part of the exhibition ignited a passion in me to continue exploring these themes through my art. I became particularly interested in the idea of educating oneself on emotional intelligence and using this knowledge to create a more harmonious world.

Using mixed mediums allowed me to experiment with different textures and layers, adding depth and complexity to my pieces. The steel sheets provided a unique canvas, and I enjoyed playing with the contrast between the rusted metal and the bright colors I used.

My central message throughout this series was the importance of educating oneself on emotional intelligence. By recognizing the vibrations and experiences of other beings, regardless of their skin color or background, we can create a more empathetic and connected world.

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