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Surreal Nude-Erotic Study in Spray Paintings

Through a combination of spray paint, chalk, ink, pencils, and crayons, I've created a series of mixed media paintings known as "Earthly Nebulas." The first of this ongoing series was started in 2014 during my time in South Africa. As a believer in the power of energy and vibrations, I've explored how form, color, and tone can express vibratory activity. Our ability to see patterns allows for multiple perspectives to exist at the same time, and this series delves into the evolution of our mental states. While some of the images may be uncomfortable to look at, I didn't judge what came up in my drawings. It was something I grappled with to understand. The nebulae in the paintings reminded me of the cosmos and how perception can shift when something is brought to light. My work challenges the imagination and invites the viewer to see faces, creatures, shapes, and emotions. In quiet, the viewer is challenged only by what they feel and see. Engaging with someone, however, can lead to a dialogue that reveals additional visuals.

In the nude study branch, I allowed myself to draw without judgment, exploring the beauty and complexity of the human form. The visions were unpredictable, and at first, I struggled to understand the heavy images that would come through my subconscious. However, I was amused by the amount of nudes that came up. Not all the images are easy to look at, and some may evoke discomfort or challenge our preconceived notions of what is beautiful. Yet, these images are a reflection of the human experience, and I believe that it is through embracing our discomfort and confronting the unexamined parts of ourselves that we can find deeper understanding and empathy.

Together, these two collections are a testament to the power of art to challenge and transform our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us.

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